Since a young age, the world of fashion and glitz enticed me. The power to transform oneself and enhance our natural beauty was enchanting. That was the beginning of my journey to become the most preferred and best makeup artist in Tuticorin. Ever since, I taught myself how to perform the art of make-up whenever I got the chance.

From experimenting on myself to convincing friends and family members to lend their face for the trial, I slowly but confidently ventured into taking up small projects for the fashion world and make-up for special occasions. My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me. In this wonderful occasion, I would like to thank my sister for always making all my problems her own, for helping me through attain my dreams.

My passion for makeup is not just to add colour and shades to the skin. I strongly believe that makeup should complement a person’s natural skin and highlight or enhance it in a positive way using the techniques that work best for each individual. Makeup should highlight a person’s natural facial features. All in all, I strive to not only make a person look good, but make them feel good, enhance their natural personality and add to their exuberance, because looking good is not just a cosmetic addition, but a reassurance for one’s attitude and personality.

B Square Makeoveris a vision and dream of Nishanthini Vijayakumar. Her boundless passion and desire for to enhancing beauty made her step out and start Blush Beautiq. Nishanthini Vijayakumar expertise in the very alluring and Mesmerising makeups and she is an established star in the beauty field.

What we Offer at Blush Beautiq we provide the highest standard of celebrity-like make-up and hairstyle’s best of Bridal Makeover’s and unique customer service with the finest equipment and well-trained staff. All the products are of international standards and FDA approved.

Our goal is that every client gets an outstanding service from the time they walk in, to the time they walk out. We wish to perpetuate happiness among our clients and staff. When one feels good about themselves, it creates a general sense of well-being and happiness, which is contagious. Honesty is our ethos, and we promise to put our clients first. We will never recommend a service or sell you a product you do not need. We are committed to high standards not just in the services we provide to you, but in the products, we carry, and how we conduct ourselves as a business.

Thank you for being part of my journey, I am so excited to touch people's lives with Beauty, just like Beauty touched mine and made it brighter! =)

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About B Square Makeover

B Square Makeover is a renowned beauty salon in Tuticorin,. famous for the contribution it has done in the world of beauty treatment. We share a colossal expertise and sheer knowledge to make a woman look stunning and elegant.